Manafeth provides a range of customizable specialty vehicles, designed for military and emergency purposes. The military vehicles are equipped with the latest technology systems to serve high-end demands of military scenarios. The emergency vehicles are designed keeping in mind the need for fast response. We have successfully delivered over 28 units of command vehicles and over XX units of military vehicles.

Through its extensive experience and expertise in manufacturing ambulances and rescue vehicles, Manafeth has successfully designed and commissioned state-of-the-art military ambulance vehicles.
Starting Price SR - 295,000
Fire Command Vehicle
Fire Command Vehicles are mainly supplied to the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation.
Starting Price SR - 220,000
Telecommunication Vehicle
Telecommunication Vehicle is like a moving communications tool. It facilitates portable communication without any discomfort to the communicators.
Starting Price SR - 400,000
Military Clinic Cabinet
Manafeth works closely with its consultants, designers and engineers to manufacture ambulances and mobile clinics for military usage.
Starting Price SR - 500,000