We specialize in conceptualizing and converting any vehicle into the most practical ambulances while adhering to the highest industry standards. We employ state-of-the-art technology in designing ambulances with most modern, indispensable infrastructure. We have delivered over 1500 units of different ambulance types customized to client requirements, across the globe.

Type I Ambulance
The Type I ambulance vehicles are modular ambulances built on a truck chassis. The Type I ambulance offers a choice between an Advanced Life-Support (ALS) and a Basic Life-Support (BLS) system.
Starting Price SR - 435,000
Type II Ambulance
The Type II ambulances are urban response ambulances, with reinforced walls and a roll-over safety cage, designed on a cab-body chassis.
Starting Price SR - 260,000
Type Iii Ambulance
Type III ambulance vehicles are also modular ambulances built on a truck chassis. One of the key features of Type III ambulances is a walkthrough passage between the patient carrier and the driving cab.
Starting Price SR - 475,000