Established in the year 2004 by the Local Investors, collaboration with Saudi Red Crescent Society and Technical know how partner National Emergency Vehicles Inc. Florida USA, Manafeth Ambulance and Handicap Vehicles (MAHV) is an honored name in the field of ambulance and specialty vehicle manufacturing in the Gulf countries.

Combining utility, efficiency, and costs, Manafeth has emerged to be the most trusted brand for ambulances, handicap vehicles and other emergency vehicles not just in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries but all over the world.

Our services are focused towards easing the logistical and operational processes involved in customizing ambulances and other specialty vehicles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC).

Key Features

  • Adherence to ‘Start-of-Life Ambulance’ (KKK-A-1822F) - Globally recognized Ambulance Vehicle standards
  • Unique customized designing based on the client’s requirement
  • Pro-customer attitude and prompt after-sales service
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure for providing optimum benefits and maximum efficiency
  • Designing vehicles that utilize minimum resources and ensure swift delivery
  • Quick and smooth services at reasonable and modest costs

Manafeth Emergency Vehicles

We understand that our products and services are a vital means for saving lives, which is why we efficiently carry out our responsibility of employing cutting-edge technology for manufacturing and delivering state-of-the-art:

  • Ambulances
  • Wheelchair accessible vehicles for the handicapped
  • Military vehicles
  • Other emergency vehicles

Our Team

The versatile nature of Manafeth’s capabilities stems from our team of competent professionals with a rich technical and academic background. Our teams consist of locally employed experts working in conjunction with skilled professionals from India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Vietnam, and other countries to add global insights to the business.

An open-minded and performance-driven work environment helps our employees add competency, efficiency, and dedication to the organization. Periodic in-house training and third party consultations ensure that we remain updated and in-tune with the latest in the field.


At Manafeth, we are powered by the vision to achieve a prominent position amongst the leading ambulance and specialty vehicle manufacturers, not just in the KSA, but also in the surrounding Gulf countries and other nations of the world. The next decade will see Manafeth as:

  • A global leader and noteworthy manufacturer of emergency vehicles and ambulances
  • An innovator that will use technology to provide vehicular assistance that saves lives
  • A company that provides impeccable, quick and effective after-sales service


In order to establish a firm position for Manafeth as global leaders in the business, we are committed to deploying the most modern technology in manufacturing and servicing high quality ambulances and other specialty emergency vehicles.

The realization of this mission lies heavily on our people, therefore, in order to synchronize our work force with the demands of the market and the needs of our clients, we will employ:

  • Effective training of manpower for continued competency
  • Ongoing research and development to continuously adapt to market demands
  • Efficient sales and after sales processes to fulfill expectations and maintain long-term relationships with clients

Our Clients

Over the years, Manafeth has managed to build a vast and esteemed clientele. From the local Saudi organizations and individuals, to important associates and institutions across America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, we offer our services globally.

We have successfully delivered 1600+ units of ambulances, handicapped vehicles, military vehicles, command vehicles and other emergency vehicles.